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Eur. Ing. Barry Cunliffe Joins our Process Safety Consultancy Team

Sigma-HSE (UK) are pleased to welcome Barry to our consultancy team and introduce his expertise to our clients. Barry has been involved in process safety for the last 34 years; seven of those years as a Specialist Inspector of Process Safety for the UK HSE. Having spent the last 18 years as a Principal Process Safety Specialist Consultant Barry is very experienced in the complexity and challenges of process safety and respected within the industry for is wealth of knowledge and clarity of assessment. Barry has handled projects in Belgium, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and the USA to name but a few of the countries where he’s worked. As an acknowledged expert in his field Barry has also been called on as an Expert Witness where incidents have resulted in prosecutions.

If you have worked with Barry in the past and would like the continuity of knowledge of your plant to form a basis of future consultancy work please don’t hesitate to mention this when contacting our Technical Support Team on +44 (0)1962 840570 or contact him directly on