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Empty Container Explosion – Company and Director Fined

A manufacturing company in Shrewsbury, UK, and its Director were fined by Magistrates following an explosion when an empty 45-gallon steel drum was being cut in half. The drum had previously contained a flammable liquid which caught fire and exploded while being cut with an angle grinder. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Just because the container was apparently empty did not mean it was safe to handle or dispose of, as without adequate cleaning a persistent flammable atmosphere remained. A process DSEAR assessment would have identified this problem and avoided putting staff and property at risk.

A comprehensive DSEAR assessment should look at the lifecycle of flammable materials within your manufacturing site from initial reception and storage, through to application and disposal of flammable packaging. If your assessment does not cover these areas, talk to our Technical Support Team on 01962 840570 or email