Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) & Consequence Modelling

The potential for toxic and/or flammable materials to be accidently released into the environment exists at many industrial facilities. Loss of containment (LOC) events can occur very suddenly and unexpectedly, putting employees and the public at risk of injury or death, and the surrounding environment at risk of significant damage, contamination or destruction.
It is important to understand the potential consequences of such LOC events, to ensure that the process design is effective to prevent significant incidents occurring.
Consequence modelling is one of the main steps in a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) of a production and storage facility. Modelling provides essential information regarding the effects of a loss of containment event, taking into account the physical installation itself. Modelling can be used to address a full spectrum of threats including toxic/flammable gas dispersion, explosions, and fires (thermal radiation).
Consequence modelling is also used to predict the behaviour of a hazardous release, and provides a better understanding of the potential impacts caused by the release. There are many benefits to performing this type of analysis, ranging from regulatory compliance to incident reconstruction..

Who can benefit from Consequence Modelling?

  • COMAH sites – as part of their continued compliance, changes to existing processes and existing processes should be effectively evaluated.
  • Project Teams, to understand the implications of modification of existing equipment/processes and installation of new equipment/processes involving hazardous materials.
  • Hazardous Area Classification committees, for processes in congested areas or large release rates e.g. relief valves, where simple mathematical modelling is limited in accuracy.

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